Bulk SMS, an essential tool to boost your marketing services

At present more than billions of people have a phone, and receive text messages. Businesses and organisations have understood the enormous potential of texting, which allows instant interaction with customers, suppliers, and employees, thanks to bulk SMS. It’s about sending text messages en masse, all at once.

What is bulk SMS?

It’s sending a huge number of messages to mobile phones. It is used by media companies, companies, banks, brands etc. Its goals are varied, and may include entertainment, mobile marketing and corporate. It is used to send alert messages, reminders, text messages, but also to inform and communicate. Sending messages en masse serves internally, for communication needs between a company and its employees, but also between a business and its customers.

Bulk SMS services, or mass texting

A software solution is needed to send and receive messages en masse, and there are multiple solutions for this type of service on the web. These software solutions allow users to add as many phone numbers as needed, as well as a varied management of these numbers, adaptable to all needs. Most of the software applications in this service can load lists of mobile numbers through a TXT or CSV file. Some systems, more sophisticated, can automatically eliminate duplicates, or perform a validation of numbers before sending bulk text messages. With some advanced features, these messages can be scheduled to be sent at specific times or on specific days.


However It is a simple and effective way to connect a company’s applications to the global SMS network, without having to go through telecom contract procedures, routing, and complex message protocols. This programming interface allows the exchange of information online, from your system to a bulk SMS shipping service, in a simplified and accessible way. Most of these types of solutions use the following standard APIs:

  • FTP
  • SMPP
  • HTTP
  • E-mail


In other words the Tekhook API is dedicated to developers, and allows to send your texts of any kind, professional, transactional or relational. Above all Thanks to the Tekhook service, you integrate into your own solution – software or application – an automated text messaging service. Tekhook supports the following programming languages:

  • HTTP, with 5 possible languages ​​in the source code.
  • SMTP, to send your text messages through an Internet messaging interface, or email.

Hence The Tekhook API is extremely easy and fast to integrate into your system. A professional support service, available 7 days a week and 24 hours a day, will answer all your requests. We offer the following features:

  • Management of callbacks of your texts in 3 forms (acknowledgment of receipt, answer, stop).
  • 5 source code languages ​​to facilitate the integration of our API (PHP, ASP, C #, VBA, Java).
  • Different solutions: double authentication, conso alert, direct mail.
  • Multiple features: send a simple or delayed text message, credit consultation, transactional text messaging etc.
  • Professional support available to assist you in the various procedures.

A bulk SMS service, for whom?

  • Marketing agencies.
  • Political parties.
  • Communities.
  • Radios and televisions.
  • Shops of details, onlines or physical.
  • Business B2B.

And many others…

Some campaign ideas

  • Alert / Reminder Messages.
  • Appointment notifications.
  • Send coupons.
  • Send last minute promotions.
  • Order status update notifications for ecommerces.
  • Invitation messages.
  • Customer service.

For you, as a White Label partner:

  • Create a custom URL for connecting your customers
  • Adapt the tool to your image (logos, colours, etc.)
  • Manage your e-mail credits and share them with your sub-accounts
  • Manage your e-mail templates and share them with your sub-accounts
  • Monitor the results of your campaigns
Bulk SMS gateway

For your customers, as a sub-account:

  • Separate management of contacts
  • Segmentation of contacts and dynamic lists
  • Creating marketing campaigns with an internal publisher
  • SMTP, Marketing Automation, SMS campaigns
  • Reports and statistics
  • Dedicated IP address management and multiple senders

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