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We are the Most Trusted and Best Bulk SMS Service Provider in India, since the year 2008.

  • SMS іѕ a Pорulаr way оf Cоmmunісаtіоn.
  • We will make and deliver bespoke SMS Strategies for your company.
  • Tekhook provide SMS marketing services and Informative Purpose SMS Service
  • For Example Transactional SMS and OTP sms, to a wide range of client base.
  • Our Team will help you to acquire SMS marketing solutions to increase business and maximise profit.
  • Our Support can assist you in developing a comprehensive database of your audience in India.
  • We are proud of the work we do, that’s why Our Bulk SMS Sending Application is secure and easy to use.
  • Our Application comes with user friendly GUI interface.
  • No technical training is required to understand our Application.
  • Very Transparent Delivery Report with Real Time Status feature.


Benefits Of Tekhook Bulk SMS Service 

  • Bulk SMS is a popular form of communication because it’s very Formal in nature.
  • Low cost and usability associated with SMS BULK Service.
  • Mostly modern mobile users prefer using this way to communicate, rather than calling.
  • We have Promotional Bulk SMS Route and Transactional Bulk SMS Route with OTP Notification Route in India.
  • We offer Distinguished Services, 24/7 Customer Support and Lowest Rates coupled.
  • Also Our Team provide the Excellent Support Services in India.
  • Tekhook are registered Telemarketer in India.
  • Because We provide Our Services as per Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) norms.


How We Help in Bulk SMS Service

  • Our professional team can also create insight into your company.
  • We First analyse profiling consumer personas and tracking customer behaviours.
  • After that we observe how consumers interact with your brand.
  • Our research enables us to better understand which brand touch-points are significant to your customers.
  • We can help influence them throughout their “consumer journey”.
  • We can provide each of our services individually or in conjunction with other services within Our Consultancy.
  • Whatever you cover is to the the variety of SMS credits that you call for which then is dependent upon what you require.
  • Our Applications filters (NDNC blocker – Nationwide Do Not Call Registry) amounts prior to delivering sms.


What is Bulk SMS ?

  • SMS is the system through which one can send messages to other mobile phones in text format.
  • Signifies sending out a high numbers of SMS for shipping and delivery on focused mobile amounts.
  • BULK SMS aids enterprises and businesses to ship out crucial info with their clients.
  • SMS BULK  is commonly employed for trades, promotions and cell promotion.


What is Difference in Transactional and Promotional Bulk SMS ?

  • Transactional SMS are such which those end users have chosen for and they are often created by machine/API.
  • where-as promotional SMSs are bulk messages not only special to opt-in end users. 


Why Tekhook for BULK SMS Service ?

  • TEKHOOK is much better compared to rivalry at a number of manners rendering it the most optimal BULK SMS Gateway India.
  • In other words simply, TEKHOOK includes every potential manner and ample instruments to guarantee that the receiver gets the material, zero exceptions.
  • TEKHOOK HAS retry characteristic that Re routes the communication if neglected in 1 channel.
  • In other words, Your Every Sms has lowest chance to get failed.
  • There is NEVER some glitch in our network even though you will find glitches in any given amount, were route the concept right into the operators.
  • Above all Delivering Bulk SMS is secure with TEKHOOK


How Bulk SMS is Beneficial for Any Business ?

Listed Here Are the Advantages of messaging that is how firm might utilize BULK SMS providers—

  • Supplying of customized and personalized advice
  • Similarly brand-awareness into existing people or fresh consumers
  • You may send significant alarms For Example Stock banks and markets utilise SMS assistance broadly for this use.
  • This really is a powerful software for organisational or internal communicating
  • It’s nonetheless the quickest solution to shipping all types of facts.
  • In conclusion, Automation in just a small business isn’t possible devoid of internet SMS companies.


What is Features of BULK SMS Services ?

A fantastic SMS spouse will look after your own receivers just as far as possible can. 

Listed below may function as parameters to Pick the Optimal BULK SMS Assistance supplier—

Uncomplicated API: 

  1. Eliminating BULK SMS into lakhs of receivers has to be convenient. 
  2. Our BULK SMS gateway supplier has to provide you with some exact simple API.
  3. And admin board which disseminates SMS by way of its own SMS gate way at a blink of. 

Sure Shot SMS shipping and Delivery:   

The most optimal BULK SMS companion could possess re routing of messages Therefore effortlessly that all receiver gets the information arrive

Add ons: 

  1. A more suitable BULK SMS services company needs to possess easy add ons. 
  2. For example, TEKHOOK a variety of add ons such as BULK sms glow plug, BULK sms cellular program, CC2SMS, and also a profitable freelancer app etc
  3. Which can provide you infinite chances to produce your organisation communication simple, sleek and efficient on pocket.

Worldwide BULK SMS assistance: 

  1. The most optimal mass messaging supplier may supply you with worldwide BULK SMS entry centre by default option.  
  2. So TEKHOOK provides you BULK foreign sms assistance in 90+ countries around many different businesses and businesses.