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Bulk Voice Call

The Bulk Voice calls feature enable you to send pre-recorded voice message to the target audiences in One Shot

Bulk Voice Call services are the most ideal for your company if you will need to send information to your customers in a way where you could opt to have it recorded Advertisement Magister, our Voice SMS service enables you to send customized messages to multiple clients, giving your company more access to a large customer base. You’ll have the choice of choosing how you want your messages to be answered, which in turn, will make your system interactive. Save your man-hours by experiencing our voice SMS support, in delivering messages. In allowing a system which could create notifications for your clients we’ll support you. This tool isn’t just powerful but will also strengthen your client base. The voice phone calls of Tekhook are somewhat user friendly. It’s the best service for making qualified prospects, celebration telling, governmental effort promotions, finance raising, client testimonials, service remindersand merchandise promotions, voter enrollment, vote reminders, statements, EMI reminders, insurance policy top quality reminders, goods and support promoting plus a whole lot more. The majority of us aren’t acquainted with the text. The terminology personalization application empowers the businesses to achieve out as a result of voice messages into their terminology. Volume voice phone calls may be properly used for different purposes also, such as fulfilling alarms, campaigns, buyer surveys promotionand wakeup drug reminders, stock alarms, EMI alarms, calls and thus forth. The audio telephone process is for. It dials that you just send to people also plays with with the concept. The recipient will not need to react also needs to be controlled by this voice message. Which exactly are Bulk Voice Phone Calls? Volume voice telephone is an easy communication technologies which lets you have a voice communication at a brief period of time into tens of thousands or hundreds of tens of thousands of telephone recipients. All these majority voice phone calls are most usually employed for public alarms, notifications, and also so for promotional and business intentions. Tekhook will help you accomplish your intended audience at the simplest, quickest & most cost effective strategy. We let you call landlines and cellphones anywhere. Bulk Voice phone calls are pre recorded voice messages which are shipped to both landline and mobile programs around the nation. They’re automatic calls and also demand the dialling of numbers handled listings. This communicating procedure is more wide-reaching. Volume voice phone calls allow one to deliver Voice Ads voice messages in languages into landline and cell amounts. Voice phone calls are equipment utilized for boosting services and products and also in distributing data and messages. The largest benefit of voice phone calls that are majority will be that the concept is taken by it into your substantial numbers of individuals in a length of time. The voice phone calls encounter with an terminology personalization quality which enables the concept to get to folks of different wallpapers.

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  • Send voice messages in your own languages keeping in mind the target audience
  • Upload MP3 or Wav Files
  • No setup fees, No hidden costs, No monthly fees
  • Bulk Voice SMS enable you to add human touch to your message
  • Calls will not be delivered on DND numbers
  • Pay only for answered calls