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After appropriate planning all you require is proper designing and development of the task or programme that is to be executed. Hence, to design the marketing plan you need is our responsibility at first place. Now, as to how we would design the content for you, absolutely depends on what you need to market or advertise, the product, service or idea and where we have to market or advertise it. For specifications,

  • In case you have to advertise your cafe or restaurant, it will be advertised on social media handles and such apps. For that, the magnificent pictures of your cafe would be added with some exclusive graphic designing as posters with something written about the cafe. GIFs would also be used.
  • In case of tours and travel business, posters and banners can be put near airports, at bus-tops and other public places.
  • In case you have a machinery business for different businesses, E-mail marketing is the new and huge trend which we will be using with proposals and directing them to the targeted customers.
  • In case of an FMCG product, we would we using television, radio or newspaper advertisement which would require fine posters, TV act or an audio act to be designed or made.

Our team will be doing all the required adjustments as per your convenience after the advertisement gets designed every-time. That’s our speciality, we tailor our services, according to the needs of our clients. At Tekhook, we are always going to take care of the fact that you product or service gets advertised at the right place and in the right and best way always. We work with trends and we are dynamic as the business environment. Ensuring quality service to you is Tekhook’s priority. Be it digital marketing or offline marketing, we take care of slightest of the things.

Such things as:

  • To see that who the target group of customers are (demographically and geographically).
  • To see where these people spend their time apart from working. (travelling, social media, television and newspaper.)
  • The senior citizens spend time watching news and reading newspapers.
  • The youngsters spend time on social media like instagram and Facebook.
  • The businessmen and office goers spend a lot of time on Gmail.
  • To design an advertisement that can be put on that place. (TV and newspaper ads, social media promotions, etc.)
  • A visual act or script in case of TV act.
  • An audio act for radio ads.
  • Digital posters and GIFs for digital marketing.
  • Posters for newspaper advertisements.
  • Banners and posters for public places advertisement on streets, in vehicles(like metro where many office goers travel in).

While preparing all these we keep in mind that:

  • Decent words and visuals are used.
  • The advertisement catches the attention of the prospect.
  • It is clear and gives transparent information.
  • It is socially acceptable and appreciated.
  • It promotes the product, idea as well as the brand at large.

Tekhook takes care of the littlest of the things, is concerned about the ultimate growth of all the clients and itself too, which we get by serving our clients with positive results. Hence, you can be assured of the timeliness and quality that we will be providing you with at Tekhook. Tekhook is a full fledged package of solutions for all the problems of your business that are hampering it’s growth in the short run and long run growth due to technological advancements.





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