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 Any task requires proper planning before getting executed. Planning helps an undertaking to avoid the uncertain consequences by research and analysis regarding any decision to be made and thus, get maximum positive results out of the task. Strategic planning is somewhat like that. It involves thorough research about what is supposed to be done, the right way to do it, the right place to do it and the right time to do it.

We at Tekhook, provide free consultancy for the right kind of marketing plan for your business.

Different plans for different businesses. There are billions of people out there, scattered and focused on different niches. Not everyone requires everything. What your target audience might require, needs to be marketed at those places where your target audience keeps their eyes on.

For example:


  • A consultancy firm will require E-mail marketing on large scale.
  • An online educational course requires to be promoted on social media handles among student groups.
  • An FMCG good will require advertisement on Television, radio and newspapers.
  • A restaurant or cafe requires promotion on social media these days, at large.
  • A hotel, travel firm or car rental services need to be advertised on travel websites like makemytrip, goibibo, etc.

Entrepreneurship as we know, requires innovation. From your idea and innovation comes a commodity that can be served to the society. This commodity, then requires to be marketed properly. When we say properly, we mean that to be marketed to the right people at the right place. To sell them your commodity, you need to show that you have something for them, a solution to their certain problem. It’s you who has to reach them not them who’ll come to you. When you have a plan that how you’ll portray your existence and tell them about how you’ll benefit them, you need to find out how you will approach them, where are they present. Your target audience can be highly available on social media, newspaper, television, etc.

To be more specific:

  • If social media, cafes need to be advertised on instagram and Facebook because usually outgoing people scroll much while consultancy firms on LinkedIn and G-mail as that is where every business person has a profile and uses them regularly.
  • If television, FMCG products and home appliances to be advertised between TV shows because mainly the women including the home-makers watch them who buy these products while medicines and vehicles to be advertised among news channels because mainly middle aged people are looking for these.
  • When newspapers, the colleges and coaching centres to be advertised in newspapers like Times of India and Telegraph because mainly the young ones read it. while Mutual Funds and other consultancy services to be advertised in newspapers like The Statesman and The Economic Times because usually those people read them who are aware of the importance of investments and are related to business somehow.
  • Moreover, in case of social media, you have to practice SEO or Search Engine Optimisation to know what your audience is looking for, where they are looking for it and even if they are looking for it or not. Our Digital Marketing services solves that problem too.

There are even more specifications to be discussed. A lot of things to be considered and guess what we do it for free for you. As we have already said that to reach the customers at the right time and right place and in right way is all you need to do to make a sale of your commodity. We will help you plan and execute the whole task. You just have to innovate and contact us to fix an appointment of consultation. After that, we will make a full proof compact marketing and advertising plan for your niche and execute that. Meanwhile, you can sit back and relax because your time will be saved and also, you will get busier in upcoming days due to the hike in the business due to such advertisement.

Interesting right? Then what are you waiting for even? Contact us right away! Remember, our consultation charges are zero!




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