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Bulk Sending SMS to large groups

The Bulk SMS Mailing Tool is the ideal solution for sending SMS to large groups. Our SMS interface makes it possible to compose the SMS, to select the recipients and to schedule the sending, all via Internet .

Think of the multiple opportunities of such a system: mobile marketing actions, notifications and grouped messages, while benefiting  from the best prices to the Indian operators Airtel, IDEA, BSNL and Reliance.Bulk SMS application online

Bulk SMS application online

For example Install a software ? Needless. A username and password are sufficient to access the online platform .

 This application allows you to import existing address files from your computer and then create groups. Result: you join a maximum of people in a minimum of time.

However You can track SMS in real time from sending to receipt and analyze sending statistics.

Customized and ultrafast

Likewise You want to send an SMS? Think about personalizing it. For example, automatically insert the recipient’s name in each message.

This will make it more challenging. The sending of SMS is ultrafast: more than 30 000 SMS per minute. 

And thanks to the direct link to Tekhook’s SMS server , this is the most reliable method for sending large volumes of SMS.

Bulk SMS Service Provider

Tekhook has its own routing platform, which allows us to perform our own number portability and roaming checks.

Thanks to this, we are sure to send your SMS correctly. We have several options to reach the same recipient, which provides the necessary redundancy in case of problems.

In doing so, we are also able to guarantee the reliable delivery of your messages in a roaming situation.

  Some Others operator (but also several small Indian companies) use for their SMS traffic cheap routing. 

This can cause problems when their automatic filters detect that it is not GSM to GSM traffic, but commercial messages.

In this case, the traffic may not be correctly routed, temporarily or not. 
At Tekhook, you will never experience this problem.Therefore We guarantee you the best quality.

 If we are unable to reach the recipient’s GSM on the first attempt (no network or GSM off), we send the message over and over again.
Q:Is the database powered by me used for other purposes?to close
Never ! We protect all your data and will never share it with third parties without your explicit consent.

Q:Can I send SMS to abroad?to close
Yes, we cover more than 200 countries. Contact our customer service for special rates and volume discounts.

Bulk SMS Sending

Financial institutions

Major Indian banks and Indian financial institutions. Their SMS passes daily by Tekhook. Their requirements: reliability, availability and absolute safety. And that’s exactly what we offer them: solutions that meet the highest standards.

SMS applications, Bulk sending sms

SMS applications
Payment reminders, online identification codes and much more.

 Financial institutions opt for Tekhook, as we comply with particularly strict Service Level Agreements (SLAs) and offer a high level of security.

Frequent applications of our SMS services include:
authentication of payments via a one-time password;
sending SMS notifications and reminders (monthly credit card billing);
confirmation of appointments;
the sending of information relating to investments, transactions or credit defaults;
verification of online payments made by credit card or NetBanking;
information to customers in the event of credit card fraud.

Software Developers

Some software developers integrate SMS connectivity into their projects. In other words To do this, they connect to Tekhook through APIs. It may be software for real estate offices, transport companies, educational institutions or the medical sector. Thanks to the connection with Tekhook, the end user can send SMS with speed and reliability.

Bulk SMS applications: some examples

  • WHISE has developed a software for real estate offices called WHOMAN. Their customers use this software package to automatically send out appointment reminders and price decreases for real estate.
  • Admovol has developed CVOsoft, a management system for adult education. This software automatically sends SMS when, for example, teachers are sick.
  • A medical software provider uses SMS connectivity for appointment reminder and medication intake.
  • A software company has developed a program for the transport sector: last-minute assignments and changes are sent to drivers via SMS.

National and international shipping

SO,Why software designers choose Tekhook? Because the delivery of SMS is guaranteed and international coverage. Our helpdesk is at their disposal twenty-four hours a day. Some specific features are not available in the standard API? No problem, we do the necessary. Your guarantee: optimal integration flexibility

Commission on SMS traffic

Certainly Some software platforms offer additional features not available through Tekhook web modules. If the sending volume displayed by this type of external software is considerable, we consider it normal to share the profit margin with the supplier of the software in question. That’s why we use a resale or commission system to fairly compensate the one that attracts customers. With the resale system, our customer charges the use of SMS services to the end customer, without involving or quoting Tekhook. With the commission system, the end customer creates an account at Tekhook and we bill it directly. In this case, the software developer receives a commission on each SMS sent.


Certainly Tekhook is happy to put you in touch with other software developers or give you an overview of applications already using our SMS APIs.

However Many schools (adult education centers) and secondary schools use Tekhook’s SMS services. Their needs: reach a target in a fast, reliable and affordable way. The different targets are collaborators, students, parents and caregivers. How do they succeed? Using the Basic and Bulk SMS Mailing Tools, but also by integrating our SMS services with their own software. In this way, they can easily contact small groups or isolated individuals.

Bulk SMS applications provider

Schools choose Tekhook because we allow them to automatically forward schedule changes to students and teachers, or to send confirmations and appointment reminders. And when a student skips classes, his parents are immediately informed. To do this, schools use our online SMS interface or integrate our services with their own software.

Schools are satisfied? So we too!

For instance SMS applications allowing them to contact pupils, teachers and other collaborators. And options for automatic sending or manual message dialing. An offer that fully satisfies the schools by the speed of sending as well as the reliability and the level of security of the servers. Thanks to these, the information and telephone numbers of the recipients benefit from foolproof protection.
Are you interested in our SMS services? Contact us. The testimony of other educational institutions will be enough to convince you.

Telecommunications Operators
National and international operators, and VOIP providers Why do they choose Tekhook? Because our bridges are proven, the speed of sending high and the price-quality ratio unbeatable. Tekhook also has excellent coverage, both in Belgium and abroad: almost 95% of all countries.

Marketing Offices

Because our Mobile marketing campaigns from A to Z. This is what the marketing offices are looking for in Tekhook. We are able to join large groups in a timely manner and at an unbeatable price. It is no coincidence that our customers are particularly satisfied.

About Tekhook

However The best SMS services and mobile applications for SMEs and large companies. This is what distinguishes Tekhook. Our strength: a revolutionary software entirely developed by us. We are therefore able to handle large volumes with minimal power. You can count on unbeatable prices and optimal customer service

Strong guarantees:

  • 24/7 support
  • guaranteed delivery of your messages on all Indian networks
  • international SMS connectivity; you can reach 95% of all GSM users worldwide
  • delivery of your messages within 15 seconds
  • SMS provider with particularly strict Service Level Agreements (SLAs)
  • processing large volumes of SMS in a matter of seconds
  • real time shipping reports
  • high level of security and absolute control over your messages, all of which are handled by our own infrastructure
  • other SMS options: Unicode, binary and concatenated messages, SMS Flash, SMS WAP Push, Over-The-Air (OTA) messages
  • control related to number portability
  • reliable and modular infrastructure

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